The plant processes 400 TPD of waste to generate electricity and rich organic compost. The electricity generated is being wheeled with MSEDCL. The compost generated from the plant is as per Fertilizer Control Order (FCO) norms and being sold to leading fertilizer companies. 

Significant Features:

  • First of its kind operational plant based on biomethanation process (DRYAD TM ) in Solapur, Maharashtra
  • 3MW of electricity and 60-80 TPD of organic compost.
  • The electricity is sold under PPA with MSEDCL since July 2013.
  • FCO certified organic compost sold to leading fertiliser companies.

Suryodaya Green Gold Organic Compost ​

The City Compost produced by SBESPL is a dark brown to black coarse organic powder made from bio-degradable organic waste through DRYADTM process. Its moisture content is 19.31 % with a bulk density of 0.60 gm/cm3. It is free from foul odour, plastics, glasses and other non-biodegradable waste. It is tested and approved as per FCO norms and is also free from hazardous sources spreading pests and diseases. Hence, it can be used effectively by farmers, nature lovers and consumers to yield good quality and quantity of crops.

Under the identity of City Compost, SBESPL has been marketing, manufacturing and selling organic compost to the large scale chemical and fertilizer companies. It’s also sold directly to farmers across Maharashtra to improve the quality of their soil and yield good returns on their crops.

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