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A single-minded industry “vision” can conserve resources, but it may be ill-advised in the earliest stages of development.

Importance of Research collaborations between Academia-Research Organization-Industry

Researchers from different backgrounds often work together to solve the most critical scientific issues or develop innovative technologies. When different fields come together, amazing things can be accomplished. The term collaborative research refers to research that involves collaboration between researchers, institutions, organizations, and Industries.
Collaboration can bring distinct expertise to a project. Five levels of collaboration can be identified: disciplinary, interdisciplinary, multi-disciplinary, transdisciplinary, and national/international. They can be classified as voluntary, consortia, federations, affiliations, and mergers. The benefits of collaborative research include the ability to exchange ideas across disciplines, learn new skills, access to funding, higher quality results, radical advantages, and a lot of fun.

In addition to encouraging effective communication and partnerships, collaboration offers equal opportunities for each member of the team. It honors and respects the individual and organizational styles of each member. Additionally, collaboration increases the ethical conduct that maintains honesty, integrity, justice, transparency, and confidentiality.

Increased collaborations can save time and money, and breakthroughs are often achieved through collaborative research rather than adhering to tried and true methods. Collaboration between the private sector and academia is further encouraged by legislation, industry, and academia.

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