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Organic Recycling Systems Limited has been a forerunner in providing sustainable waste management solutions in India since 2008

Almost two decades ago, when the waste management sector started becoming a viable large-scale industry in India, the Indian government set up the basic set of guidelines and rules related to municipal sewage waste (MSW) processing.

During that time, concerned about the growing environmental pollution and exploring different technologies and opportunities to create solutions for treating MSW in an environmentally responsible manner. Most importantly, he started with the goal of creating valuable resources out of waste. After studying the various technologies and waste management solutions present across the globe, the core philosophy of Organic Recycling Systems Limited (ORS) was born.

Not all waste fractions can be processed or treated by one single technology and Each waste fraction deserved to be treated as a unique resource.

Based on these philosophies, ORS constructed and set up the first of its kind large-scale MSW processing plant in Solapur in 2013. The integrated MSW processing plant in Solapur was the first in India with the ability to segregate waste into organic and inorganic fractions. The organic waste was processed with our natively developed and patented DRYAD ™ technology, which used the biological process of thermophilic biomethanation to produce biogas and fertilizers as products out of organic waste. With its current capacity, Solapur Plant can treat 400 tonnes of waste per day (TPD) and produce 3.60 MW of electricity using biogas as well as 60-80 tonnes of fertilizers per day.

Over the past decade, ORS has worked on dozens of waste management and processing projects, each with its unique technological requirements. Through our years-long operational experience in the waste management sector, ORS has developed MSW processing technologies to increase profitability for the stakeholders and reduce the impact of waste on the environment.

Our Vision

  • To become champions of innovation and to provide cutting-edge technological solutions for mitigating energy, environment & waste management challenges.