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ORS offers a whole host of technical and lab services for a variety of client needs.

We have carefully developed our catalogue of services based on operational experience and data collected from our Solapur Project, a decade-long municipal solid waste management facility capable of processing waste on a very large scale.

Our services are also built based on experience in developing and assisting in a variety of waste management projects across the country, where each project came with its own set of operational and technical challenges that needed to be solved. We aim to use our subject matter expertise in waste management and processing acquired over the past decade to help upcoming project developers  to efficiently construct and install vaible e waste processing plants, as well as provide maintenance support and engineering services..

Our comprehensive EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) services in waste management have been designed to help project developers from the ideation and inception of their projects to the designing, construction and installation of waste management plants along with proprietary equipments.

Clients can also choose to avail just a select few of the above services rather than the Comprehensive EPC plan. Depending on their specific business or the status of their project, clients can choose from the following individual EPC offerings

Project Management Consultancy (PMC) offers effective management solutions to increase and improve the effectiveness and outcome of a project by keeping track of schedules and providing seamless monitoring of the progress.

Our commissioning services include commissioning of new anaerobic digesters and ensuring its successful startup.

In case the clients or project managers have an existing anaerobic digester that needs repair, maintenance or needs to be made functional again, our re-commissioning services can help bring your digester back to its full functioning capacity.

ORS also offers independent consulting services in the waste management sector, based on our decade-long experience in planning, building, and managing waste management projects. Our team also has extensive experience in working out obstacles with the stakeholders at each level of waste management so that any project becomes fully operational under the defined timelines.

Our consulting services are uniquely suited for project developers, municipal corporations, and corporate institutions, bulk generators that need assistance in any stage of the waste management project development from the inception to the execution.

Our feasibility reports are based on ground data and serve as a baseline for project viability.

We provide detailed technical and commercial advice to critically appraise projects prior to and during construction or to assess the status of expiating operational assets. We understand the need and challenges of planning and implementing renewable projects. Engaging us in your CBG, compost, or waste processing-related project development process will ensure timely and viable execution.

We understand the challenges of operating a waste processing facility. With our 15 years of on-ground experience, we offer expert solutions in troubleshooting your operational problem.

At the heart of the organization, our research and laboratory analysis team serves as the fundamental reference point for all of our processes from designing, engineering, and process monitoring.

All of our projects are dependent on consistent analysis and testing of feedstock and compost samples through our lab services to maintain the highest level of operational efficiency.

Our laboratory is fully equipped to analyze solid waste, biogas, biomass, wastewater, drinking water, compost parameters and other chemical components of catalytic materials. We have an Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, a Gas Chromatograph (GC), a UV Spectrophotometer, a Potentiometer, Bacteriological Incubators, Autoclaves, and Heating Furnaces, Ovens, etc.

ORS also provides the following standalone laboratory analysis services to project managers and clients pan India:

Analysing the quality of the feedstock that needs to be processed is the most fundamental step in any waste management project development and operations. Under the laboratory services at ORS, we carry out an extremely thorough feedstock analysis to understand its physical and chemical composition and give an estimated output of the by-products.

Our compost analysis procedure is compliant with all the FCO norms in India. We carry out the compost analysis based on the relevant parameters such as carbon-to-nitrogen (C:N) ratio, heavy metal testing, organic matter content, salinity and more. If the clients need any composting studies done for farming or plant growth, our lab staff and associated research institute can cater to those niche requirements as well.

One of the best ways to ensure the viability of your biogas plant is to periodically verify the full operational capacity of the digester. The analysis process at ORS labs can help you understand the status of chemical, physical and microbiological conditions in your digester. With our in-depth digester analysis based on various key parameters, we can provide accurate health reports of your digester as well as specific recommendations to improve the efficiency and functionality of the digester, thereby increasing your profits.

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