ORS is a technology focused company in the domain of Scientific Treatment of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW). In our endeavor to provide an environmental friendly solution for treatment of MSW, we have developed our patented DRYAD™ – Anaerobic Digester Technology based on the principles of Thermophilic biomethanation.

The success of ORS lies in its managing two critical phases of process – the segregation system that has been developed with the purview of the India’s MSW waste characterization and enhancement in its Anaerobic Digester treatment.  With this segregation system, the plant recovers almost 80-85 % of organic content from the unsegregated waste which is then transferred to a homogenization chamber for thermophilic treatment and then to the bio-digester tanks for biomethenation.


The flexibility of the DRYAD™ technology allows the treatment of a wide range of different feed materials. The bio-gas generated from the process is used to generate energy & the digested residue is extracted from the digester, dewatered to a Total Solid (TS) content of about 50% and stabilized aerobically during a period of approximately one to two weeks. The aerobic maturation ensures complete stabilization of the material, which cannot be degraded any further under anaerobic conditions. The final product is hygienically very safe and stabilized as per the international standards. The process ensures multiple revenue streams from sale of renewable energy, bio-CNG, bio-fertilizer and VERs Credit generated through processing of MSW and other feed stocks.