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Srikanth Venkatesh

Manager – Project Coordination and Strategies (Management Office)
Srikanth Venkatesh

Srikanth whose love for the environment led him to pursue a Master’s degree in Environmental Science from the Institute of Science, Mumbai, so that may be able to make a difference where it is needed the most. He is a curious person with a lot of interests but is most passionate about solving problems related to the environment, social justice, and sustainability. For the past 6 years, his work has involved consulting and managing projects in the waste management sector with governmental departments and he is currently managing and optimizing operations at ORS.His motivation lies in bringing a pragmatic and solutions-based approach to solving everyday challenges at work. He believes that waste management is very intrinsic to the global stride towards sustainability and mitigation of climate change. He also believes that if economies start addressing the question of, “How to consume and produce responsibly?”, “THE WASTE PROBLEM” and “THE CLIMATE PROBLEM” can be mitigated, which will result in making our future more resilient and sustainable.

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