ORS through its subsidiary Solapur Bio-energy Systems Pvt. Ltd. (SBESPL) has commissioned India’s first Waste to Energy Plant based on DRYAD™ technology in Solapur, Maharashtra.  It is run on BOOT basis and is successfully operational in the sector at a commercial level. This 400 TPD waste management plant has been recognised as one of the best practices by Government of India under clean India (Swachh Bharat) campaign.


Meerut Bio-Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd

ORS through its subsidiary Meerut Bio-Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd is implementing a first of its kind Waste to Energy (WtE) CNG/Bio-CNG project of 800 TPD capacity on BOOT basis for Meerut Nagar Nigam. The Nagar Nigam has prepared a roadmap to dispose of waste from its 80 wards. Under this plan, ORS shall process 800 tonnes of solid waste in two phases 400 tonnes each to generate Bio-CNG.