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Pankaj Tanwar

Vice President - Technical
Pankaj Tanwar

Pankaj Tanwar heads the design-engineering and technical team as Vice President-Technical. Mr. Tanwar obtained an M.Tech. degree in Environmental Engineering with specialization in waste management and advanced technologies. He has been part of the ORS team since 2010 and has a total 20 years of extensive experience in the field of design engineering, waste management including wastewater treatment and solid waste processing, treatment & disposals. He also holds vast experience in assessing and evaluating various possibilities of integration of other thermal conversion technologies (waste to energy); gasification, incineration, pyrolysis, etc.; centralized and decentralized solutions as best practices in the waste management sector, which is also in line with the consideration of guidelines/policy frameworks by various respective nodal agencies and followed by continuous plant operations philosophy.
He has 10+ research papers (liquid & solid waste management, development of intermittent cyclic process, online monitoring parameters, and emission control etc.) publication credentials in National/International SCI Journals and conference proceedings. He has also contributed as co-authors for six number books as part of sustainable technologies, waste management and circular economy.

Today, ORS group and its subsidiaries not only lead the municipal solid waste management sector by providing & implementing a sustainable environment friendly DRYAD (Dry Anaerobic Digestion-Biomethanantion) solutions with modular capacities ranges from 1-1000 tons per day processing & disposal, including customised scientific solutions for legacy waste bio-mining, but also emerging as a technology driven company with more focus on the development of various innovative need of the hour solutions within the waste management domain, and part of the circular economy.

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